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For the first time in forever I actually feel like writing! I haven't gotten my mojo back, as such, I'm not writing a lot, but I WANT to write.

1. For [ profile] crossbigbang I'm crossing over Sherlock and Leverage, a sort of post series where Sherlock needs help from Irene (and the Leverage team, of course. I think Irene knows Sophie) and there is a Sherlock/Irene/Molly love triangle. I'm not sure how Molly gets there, but she will! Also, there will be Parker/Hardison/Eliot.

2. For [community profile] queer_bigbang I think I'm going to explore how subcultures that want to think of themselves as including at the same time maybe aren't. Or something like that. Also, second wave feminism and how it was so focussed on straight, white women. Er, obviously there's going to be lesbians :p

3. I also have loads of ideas that are basically taking Tiffany Aching and various Feegles and putting them in a different universe. I'm not sure this qualifies for [ profile] au_bigbang, but then again, not everything has to be written for a big bang. I just find it easier.