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2011-09-07 01:32 am

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Things I have done today:

1. Slept.
2. Slept some more
3. All the laundry! Believe me, it was a lot of laundry. Most of it sheets, for some reason.

Also, We Love the Women That Fandom Hates! Go forth and claim! Basically you choose a character (and that could be basically any female character, since there's always someone hating on them...) and then you post about her for a week, from friday to friday. But, not only that, you can pick whichever language you want! I would really like some more Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and Swedish-speaking Finns so we can share the spoils. Because I'm gonna write in Swedish. Probably with a translation, but still!


Lookie! Isn't it pretty? Made by [ profile] mlekopijca
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2011-06-11 09:07 am

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Since there is a certain insanity in me that manifests when I am confronted with the possibility of more challenges I am doing [ profile] adventchallenge this year. Fourteen somethings in the month of July.

And I need your help!

My propmts are going to be songs. Comment with a song you want me to write something for. All writings will be original this round.