Apr. 4th, 2012 03:51 pm
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Firstly my [ profile] sherlock_remix gift: Beginners It's a remix of Big Fat River In Flood, which I didn't think anyone would chose to remix, but they did, and I'm very happy about it. It's a very nice fic, go read it!

Secondly, [ profile] femme_slash_fan wrote a little thing for me: The Time of Our Lives

Thirdly, I was linked to this by [personal profile] sophinisba: There are some things I need to tell you A beatiful text and something to read if you feel a bit like crap.

Fourthy, I'm moving in june! This isn't a link, just a public service announcement. I can't wait! Living with my parents is already old, and it's getting worse by the day. I'm sitting in a coffee shop writing this, partly because I can't stand to be at home, and partly because, well, it's been that kind of day. Having people around me that I don't have to talk to is the best thing right now. Might go to my writing group later though.
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This was originally posted at [ profile] femslash_planet, but I'll post it here too so my friend S can see it, because I was so pleased with it :)

Holmes and Watson x2 )

Other things in my life consist of studying chemistry, and staying afloat. And moving back to my parents soon, hopefully not for long though. Anyone got a flatshare in Göteborg with nice, fannish people?
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The thing that really struck me about this episode was the acting. Especially Freeman's acting, which was perfect in every movement.

The other thing was the plot holes.

The third thing is the lingering feeling of style over substance, but I'll have to re-watch to decide that.
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Firstly: I'm not a purist. I haven't read all of the stories. I probably couldn't hold my own in a discussion with old school fans. In fact, I'm all for the recreation and reinterpretation of canon. I call myself a post-modernist (general post-stuff person). So I'm the person this episode was aimed at, aren't I?

Wrong! )

I hope that Stephen Moffat is ashamed of himself!

(if anyone was spoiled by my cut-fail, sorry!)
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Some quick thoughts, hopefully I'll have time to write some meta-ish stuff tomorrow.

Spoilers, wahay! )
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I have been crossposting far. I have been crossposting wide. But I haven't told you what I've written yet. So here it is:

Five Times Sophie Kissed Parker As Part of a Job And One Time Parker Kissed Sophie Just Because She Wanted To

Leverage, pretty much does what it says on the tin. I'm rather pleased with it though, perhaps because writing it was a bit difficult. And yes, I might have linked it before. Now I'm linking it again!

Big Fat River In Flood

Sherlock (BBC). Sherlock/Sally. A 'what if' fic, written for the 'change one thing in canon' challenge at thegameison_sh.

Must take shower now, and then sleep. Risk of turning into zombie otherwise rather high.
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Hey, check out my Leverage exchange fic! It's Parker/Sophie, and I think it got pretty good in the end, when I managed to beat it into submission.

Also, my fic for [info]thegameison_sh , which I've forgotten to post. It's here, on AO3. And it's Sherlock/Victor Trevor, because sometimes things like that just happens to me :p

Now I'm gonna go lie in the sun for a while, like a huge furless cat, or something like that.


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