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Some porn battle fic:

And They Lived Happily For As Long As They Wanted
Arthurian myth, pastiche

Any Port
Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean
Jack Sparrow/The Black Pearl

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For the first time in forever I actually feel like writing! I haven't gotten my mojo back, as such, I'm not writing a lot, but I WANT to write.

Stuff I'm maybe gonna write )

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Guys! Yuletide, guys!

That is, I haven't posted about my awesome gift that I got: Or Maybe Twice by [ profile] newredshoes. It a Yellow Submarine fic and it's fantastic!!!

I also wrote some fic, three, in fact. They're strangely all about music, but some more than others:

(How Does It Feel To Be) One of the Beautiful People
is also a Yellow Submarine fic. There was only two, and I wrote one and the other was written for me :p

90999 is based on 'Texts from last night'.

Canzonetta is written around Tjajkovskij's violin concerto. I think I'm gonna write something about writing this piece, or possibly about writing music, at some point, but not right now, I think.


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I've had some writers block recently, but it seems to have lifted somewhat, because I wrote some porn today!

Waxing Gibbous, Explicit, Discworld, Angua/Sally. PWP.

Also, something I wrote for and exchange a while back but never put up:
Sometimes Waking Up Is Like, Teen and up, Harry Potter, Luna/Cho. Post-was love story.


Otherwise I'm mostly hanging about, being unemployed. Rather boring, to tell the truth. Should get on my work applications tomorrow...
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Have you ever had that kind of experience where you read a fic, and then you read someone's comments on it and go "did we read the same fic at all?" I just had one of those and it was quite... well, interesting is a word, I guess. It just drives home the fact that we're really quite different. And also that I'm probably the weird one since I seemed to have read something none of the other commenters had read. Oh well.

Also, in the course of the same fic reading, or rather comment reading I came across this quote: "...boys are so goal oriented with their sex, get naked, get off, go to sleep..."

Firstly, I disagree that this is what they were doing in the fic, but that's not really the important thing.

The important thing, people, is that I have apparently changed sex!!! I'm not sure when it happened, but if this is how boys (and men) approach sex then I'm clearly a man. Because of course, all men want exactly the same thing out of their sex life, just like all women do.

I mean, I'm not sure what else you're supposed to do with sex. Unless it's BDSM, but that's not necessarily about sex, the sex bit can be quite secondary. But when you're having sex you're having sex, and sure, I don't always fall asleep afterwards, but I hate cuddling and I really don't feel the need to mix up a lot of mushy feelings into my sex.

But hey, if anyone knows what else is supposed to be done when you have sex, please enlighten me. I'm always up for some enlightenment (as the dancer said to the bishop).


Unrelated, but I also wrote a fic for [community profile] femslash11 : Rain to Wash Away. Sherlock Holmes (Ritchie), Irene/Mary, PG-13. Link goes to fic on AO3.

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I have been crossposting far. I have been crossposting wide. But I haven't told you what I've written yet. So here it is:

Five Times Sophie Kissed Parker As Part of a Job And One Time Parker Kissed Sophie Just Because She Wanted To

Leverage, pretty much does what it says on the tin. I'm rather pleased with it though, perhaps because writing it was a bit difficult. And yes, I might have linked it before. Now I'm linking it again!

Big Fat River In Flood

Sherlock (BBC). Sherlock/Sally. A 'what if' fic, written for the 'change one thing in canon' challenge at thegameison_sh.

Must take shower now, and then sleep. Risk of turning into zombie otherwise rather high.
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A collegue of mine today claimed that to get smoke free was more difficult than getting free of heroin. Never mind the fact that stopping heroin can kill you... She also said that nicotine patches were bullshit since it keeps up the nicotine dependence, never mind the fact that they're like a thousand times more healthy, and doesn't force the people around you to inhale your gross smoke. Anyway, it's possible that she had some points, but all I could hear was "waaaa, pity me, I can't stop because it's harder than not doing heroin, you guys, waaaaaaaaa".

Also, she buys her ciggies illegally (doesn't pay tax for them), which means I have no respect left for her. None whatsoever.


I'm sure I had something more to write about, but I can't remember it. Have some more of the indulgent kidfic instead:

The Most Beautiful Sound I Ever Heard, chapter 5

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Hey, check out my Leverage exchange fic! It's Parker/Sophie, and I think it got pretty good in the end, when I managed to beat it into submission.

Also, my fic for [info]thegameison_sh , which I've forgotten to post. It's here, on AO3. And it's Sherlock/Victor Trevor, because sometimes things like that just happens to me :p

Now I'm gonna go lie in the sun for a while, like a huge furless cat, or something like that.


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