Oct. 19th, 2014

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Dear Yuletide Author!

The most important thing is to have fun. If the prompts here are not to your taste, ignore them and write something else :p

Overall, I'm pretty easy to write for, I'll probably like whatever you write. I do have some general likes and dislikes though, and the dislikes are few, but quite important to me. Anon commenting is on, in case you want to ask for clarification. Otherwise you can try poking my gf cefyr.

I'm [personal profile] aron_kristina on AO3 too.

Happy endings, or at least hopeful ones
Negotiations, both sexual and relationship-wise
Anything that isn't on the dislike list
Kinks (including, but not limited to): bondage, sex in public, people coming without clothes being taken off (I wonder if that has a word), watersports (all the flavors!), any kind of hair pulling/petting/touching/cutting, body hair (yes, I have some strangely specific kinks, sorry), dirty talk/name calling (consensual and negotiated), biting, blood play, breath play, knife play, really rough stuff, impact play, willing submission, loving dominance, fantasy rape play and other "forced" scenarios, gender play and people not deliberately not "passing", xeno, xenozoo (as long as all parties can give consent), bestiality (as long as consent can be given, ie, a werewolf who retains some consciousness and stuff like that)

Character death
Too much anxiety, self-harm or suicidal ideation (YMMV on what is "too much" but I can get a little triggered if there's lots of description of this)
Vore, scat

The Tiffany Aching Series - Terry Pratchett
Character: any (Annagramma Hawkin, Preston, Rob Anybody, Tiffany Aching)

How does Annagramma's head work? What did Preston do before becoming the worst soldier on the chakl? Does Rob Anybody take Roland back to the underworld to slay bogles? How did Tiffany learn the travelling now trick?

- I would love to know a bit more about Annagramma's thought processes. How does she manage to be so Anagrammatical? A romance would be nice to, if that strikes your fancy, maybe with one of the other witches! Sex scenes are always nice!

- Preston is a character we know so little about. Where and how did he grow up? Was he raised by his gran? How does he like Ankh-Morpork which is quite a bit different from the chalk? How does the romance with Tiffany work out? Sex is good too!

- I love Rob Anybody interacting with humans other than Tiffany (and with Tiffany too), because he acts differently with anyone not a hag.  In "The Wee Free Men" when he's with Wentworth for example, and in "Wintersmith" when he's in the underworld with Roland. More interactions along those lines would be lovely. Otherwise everyday life in the Feegle mound is always great! Or Rob Anybody meeting the feegles living in Lancre (as per "Carpe Jugulum"). If you feel really daring, a sex scene between Rob and Jeannie.

- Tiffany's everyday life as a witch, without the big adventures, would be interesting to see more of. Or her adventures (I'm sure there are some) with Eskarina Smith. And of course, her romance with Preston too. Would not mind a sex scene either!

Road to El Dorado
Characters: Chel, Miguel, Tulio

My kingdom for threesome fic! Romance, sex, adventures, bickering with overtones of sexual tension, anything goes.

- Porn! Any kind of porn, first time with all three of them and everyone fumbling around, established relationship, two going at it with the third watching and directing, Chel pegging one or both of the boys, it's all good!

- Do the gang get back to Spain at any point? How does Chel handle the new weird society?

- How do you tell your two best friend that you want to be in a relationship both of them without actually mentioning relationships? I can just see Tulio fumbling over this, while Miguel and Chel already have stuff figured out (for some reason I think that Miguel is better at feelings and talking about them).

- Any kind of adventure with Chel being awesome! Appearances by Altivo and the armadillo (which according to wikipedia is named Bibo) would be great!

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Characters: Phryne Fisher, Jack Robinson

I got a lovely Miss Fisher fic last year (found here) but I just love it so much and there's so little fic that I want more!

Does Jack ever wear one of Phryne's hats? Will Phryne ever stop teasing Jack? Will Jack ever fully accept that Phryne isn't the sort to be tied down?

- Phryne pegging Jack. Yes, that's the whole prompt ;)

- Anything about Phryne's clothes. Phryne wearing them, Phryne taking them off, Jack wearing them, a case that is solved because of her clothes, a case that is complicated by her clothes.

- A slow seduction. Phryne seduces Jack (who is willingly seduced) slowly and sensually, which leads to much mutual enjoyment.

- Case fic! One of my favourite things is when Phryne manages to take on the cases despite Jack protesting (not that he protest all that much...), so that would be nice. If you want to include the rest of the gang feel free!

Mary Russell series - Laurie R. King
Character: Mary Russell

I've reused two prompts from last year because I still want them :) And I included Holmes in some prompts because he's fairly important in Russell's life, but if you don't want to write about him that's totally fine.

Love the books, would love anything here! Russell and Holmes between cases. Sex. Russell's life after Holmes.

- Russell and Holmes between cases. Who gets bored first? Does Russell continue her scholarly pursuits?

- Any kind of sex/erotica between Holmes and Russell. Doesn't at all have to be explicit unless you want to. I've got a thought that they might role play a bit, seeing as they tend to pretend to be other people when they work. Or perhaps role playing is the farthest thing from their minds, what do I know. Silk stockings would be lovely.

- Russell after Holmes has died. Does she continue as a detective? Does she meet a new love? What made her decide on Laurie R. King (or whoever the publisher is supposed to be) as the person to publish her story? Does she have any amazing adventures, perhaps with other famous detectives? Is she involved in one or more of the major historical events of the century?

- If you want to make a modern crossover with Elementary that's totally fine! Russell the detective/dominatrix could be fun :p


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