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I've had some writers block recently, but it seems to have lifted somewhat, because I wrote some porn today!

Waxing Gibbous, Explicit, Discworld, Angua/Sally. PWP.

Also, something I wrote for and exchange a while back but never put up:
Sometimes Waking Up Is Like, Teen and up, Harry Potter, Luna/Cho. Post-was love story.


Otherwise I'm mostly hanging about, being unemployed. Rather boring, to tell the truth. Should get on my work applications tomorrow...
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In my quest to get people to write more yummy porn for me to read I hereby present the first part of my guide to writing femslash. This part focuses on the actual acts of sex between women and not the writing of it. That comes in part two.

So without further ado I present:

How To Write Femslash
Part 1
Lesbian Sex 101
This way to education )
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I have managed to put myself in a bit of a sticky situation. Would anyone be willing to beta two short-ish femslash stories for me sort of right now? One is Harry Potter and the other I can't really say. Please? Pretty please?
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Guys! GUYS!!!!!!

Fireworks 11: The [Totally Not] Annual [info]femslash_today Porn Battle

is open for prompts. Go there and play, now! Do it! For me, for fandom and for the glory of femslash!!!!!!


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