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This is that masterpost I've been talking about. Yay, music! The list seems a bit boring, really, reading it like this, but I don't know what kind of info would be relevant, to be honest. Knowing the fandoms or having read the stories aren't at all necessary to listen to the pieces and enjoying them, but it is fan music (sound art) so it would seem strange not to put that up there.

All links go to LJ, because that's where I've put this stuff (though maybe I should import it...)

In order of creation:

Underwater Lover
Created in response to a request at [info]thingstiel This is means it's sort of related to SPN fandom, but really only in a tangential way.

Created for the podfic recording of 'Castle (the rules by which we live) written by [info]kick_flaw  and read by [info]itachitachi. It's a modern day Merlin fanfic with a strong BDSM theme.

Not About the Money
Created for the podfic recording of 'Jeffrey Nullier's "Man With Fedora"' written by [info]copperbadge  and read by [info]lunate8 It's a White Collar casefic.

Time, time, time
Written for 'The Curious Case of the Doctor and Amelia Pond' by [info]eve_from_oz It's a Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes (Ritche) crossover casefic.

Didn't your heart go
Written for [info]innie_darling's fic 'Tear Up Your List'. It's a Sherlock casefic.

Created for [info]manniness  story 'The Envelope', which is a Alice in Wonderland (2010) fic.

Things Change (You Stay the Same)
Created for 'Plus ça change (plus c'est la même chose)' by [info]loveandthetruth . It's a modern day Merlin casefic.
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My fic (give me) love in stereo has been nominated for an award! Now, I have no idea what this award is, really, but hey, I got nominated! The award in question is called Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards.


Other recent stuff: I've written music as art for two fics at [ profile] casestory bigbang over on LJ.

The fics in question are:

Tear Up Your List by [ profile] innie_darling

The music masterpost can be found here

The Curious Case of the Doctor and Amelia Pond by [ profile] eve_from_oz

The music masterpost can be found here

I think only one of them showed up in the LJ stream, and none in the DW stream, so here they are for your listening pleasure. And reading pleasure. I recommend them both.

Also, this totally means I have to make that music masterpost now, doesn't it?


In my real life I am working. And then working some more. And sleeping. Tomorrow is the first day I'll be working on my own because the woman who taught me the job is on vacation. Eeep. Still, this is what I was really employed to do, so I think it will be fine. Hopefully. I'll probably write about it tomorrow.


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