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Have you ever had that kind of experience where you read a fic, and then you read someone's comments on it and go "did we read the same fic at all?" I just had one of those and it was quite... well, interesting is a word, I guess. It just drives home the fact that we're really quite different. And also that I'm probably the weird one since I seemed to have read something none of the other commenters had read. Oh well.

Also, in the course of the same fic reading, or rather comment reading I came across this quote: "...boys are so goal oriented with their sex, get naked, get off, go to sleep..."

Firstly, I disagree that this is what they were doing in the fic, but that's not really the important thing.

The important thing, people, is that I have apparently changed sex!!! I'm not sure when it happened, but if this is how boys (and men) approach sex then I'm clearly a man. Because of course, all men want exactly the same thing out of their sex life, just like all women do.

I mean, I'm not sure what else you're supposed to do with sex. Unless it's BDSM, but that's not necessarily about sex, the sex bit can be quite secondary. But when you're having sex you're having sex, and sure, I don't always fall asleep afterwards, but I hate cuddling and I really don't feel the need to mix up a lot of mushy feelings into my sex.

But hey, if anyone knows what else is supposed to be done when you have sex, please enlighten me. I'm always up for some enlightenment (as the dancer said to the bishop).


Unrelated, but I also wrote a fic for [community profile] femslash11 : Rain to Wash Away. Sherlock Holmes (Ritchie), Irene/Mary, PG-13. Link goes to fic on AO3.


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