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Olympique Lyonnaise just won the Champions League! I mostly follow them because Swedish player Lotta Schelin plays for them, but when I do watch a game it makes me very happy when they win. Also, the referees are Swedish, which of course makes me happy too :)
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The World Championships have now passed without a single medal to Sweden :( In a way it's sad that Carolina Klüft no longer competes in Heptathlon, but then, I can understand that when you've won everything and no one can challenge you you feel like moving on to other things. She still placed best of the Swedes, fifth in High Jump. So, well, she's still best of the Swedes :p

Fun that Christian Olsson is back, even though he only did four jumps.

And, of course, Usain Bolt. Warching him run is fucking beautiful. If you didn't watch the 200 meter final then do! And watch the 4x100 meter men's final as well, Jamaica were just superb. And new world records are always fun.

I like Usain Bolt, he's a real superstar, and I think athletics need that. We need the divas, but we also need the people who show and dance and seem to think everything is so funny.

Also, somewhat unrelated, but female hammer throwers are rather hot.
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Some things:

-Ok, so LJ seems to have gone a bit crazy. Apparently they're "working on it". They had better finish working on it soon so the next femslash_today update I do isn't such a pain as the last.

-Started a new semester yesterday. Was, well, fine, I guess. There's not really that much to fuck up when doing a half day, and it managed to not be fucked up.

-I made music!

-I also bought a violin. I will take a picture to post when it's light out. Now I just need to learn how to play it...

-Should watch the latest DW, but I really don't feel like it.

-It sucks when the World Championships in Athletics are being held in the wrong part of the world so I can't watch them. Just watching the one hour recaps in the evenings. Oh, well. It's probably good for my studies.

-Still haven't written my femgenficathon fic.

-Nothing else that I can think of right now.


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