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Dear Yuletide Author!

I'm very happy we have matched in this exchange and I hope you will have fun writing for me.

Overall, I'm pretty easy to write for, I'll probably like whatever you write. I do have some general likes and dislikes though, and the dislikes are few, but quite important to me. Anon commenting is on, in case you want to ask for clarification. 

This is turning into quite a long letter, I hope you're not scared off by it. The order of the fandoms and length of the prompts absolutely have no bearing on how much I like the fandom, I love them all equally, but in different ways. I'm poly-fandom-amorous (sorry, that was a really bad joke...) The prompts are just suggestions, if you have a story you really want to write that doesn't have of my dislikes in it, go for it!

I'm [ profile] aron_kristina on AO3 too.

Happy endings, or at least hopeful ones
Negotiations, both sexual and relationship-wise
Anything that isn't on the dislike list
Kinks (including, but not limited to): bondage, sex in public, people coming without clothes being taken off (I wonder if that has a word), watersports (all the flavors), any kind of hair pulling/petting/touching/cutting, body hair (yes, I have some strangely specific kinks, sorry), dirty talk/name calling (consensual and negotiated), biting, blood play, breath play, knife play, really rough stuff, impact play, willing submission, loving dominance, fantasy rape play and other "forced" scenarios, gender play and people not deliberately not "passing"

Character death
Too much anxiety, self-harm or suicidal ideation
Bestiality, vore, scat, incest

Character: Angua

Angua! Anything related to Angua, her upbringing, her constant struggle with her wolf side, her relationship with Carrot (do they have kids?), her reluctant friendships with other women in the watch/city.

- Angua character study focusing on the wolf, her family, her place in the world and/or her relationship with Carrot.

- Friendship fic! I'd be happy with any of the other characters in the city, especially female characters,  not just the nominated ones.

- Sex! I would love some porn as well :p Either with Carrot (I sort of wonder if they have sex differently based on the phases of the moon) or with any other character (as long as you don't break up her and Carrot, poly and open relationships are fine). Femslash would be welcome, as would het, except I can't think of any male characters Angua would have sex with except Carrot right at this moment. Threesomes/moresomes would work too. With Moist and Adora Belle perhaps?

Mary Russell
Characters: Any (Mary Russell, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Marsh Hughenfort)

Love the books, would love anything here! Russell and Holmes between cases. Sex. Russell meeting Marsh/Mahmoud again (even if it goes against canon). Watson being an active part in an investigation.

- Russell and Holmes between cases. Who gets bored first? Does Russell continue her scholarly pursuits? 

- Mahmoud! Maybe Russell goes back to Palestine and meets him again later in life. Maybe a story just about him. I would love both some kind of action/adventure and a more introspective fic.

- Watson being a part of Holmes and Russell's life again. Maybe in an investigation, maybe combined with the between cases prompt. He sort of disappears, and it would be interesting to see what happens with him. (this prompt highly inspired by [ profile] descoladin )

- Any kind of sex/erotica between Holmes and Russell. Doesn't at all have to be explicit unless you want to. I've got a thought that they might role play a bit, seeing as they tend to pretend to be other people when they work. Or perhaps role playing is the farthest thing from their minds, what do I know. Silk stockings would be lovely.

Fucking Åmål
Characters: Any (Elin Olsson, Agnes Ahlberg, Jessica Olsson, Olof Ahlberg)

What happens post-movie? How do Elin and Anges handle the real world after their big reveal?

- Anything related to O'boy (chocolate milk). Is it deeply symbolic? Does it have magical and mystical properties? Is the requester quite mad and teens just like chocolate milk?

- How does the family relationships change after Agnes and Elin have come out? Doesn't have to be about both of their families unless you want to. Jessica already found it difficult that people talked about her sister (or at least that's how I interpreted it), how does she feel now that people will talk even more? Agnes and Olof didn't seem to have a very close relationship (probably because of age difference), how does he handle the fact that people talk (and people will talk, Åmål is not very big)? Their respective mums? So much material here, writer!

- I would also like something more lighthearted about teens in love, of course, if that strikes your fancy. No explicit sex please (I know, shocking!) unless you're writing about them when they're older.

Feminist Hulk
Characters: Any (Feminist Hulk, J)

Is Feminist Hulk battling any new issues at the moment? Does he have a new favorite tea? Is there more smash? Feminist Hulk and Judith Butler! What happens when he meets other Hulks? 

- What issues are Hulk battling in his personal life, or in the world? Smashing of issues is always a favorite!

- What happens if/when Hulk meets other Hulks (this can be from virtually any other Hulk version as long as it doesn't contain too obscure canon references)? Will he convince them that smashing should only be aimed at bad stuff, not people? Will he have to smash some sense into them? Do they drink tea and discuss smashing racism/sexism/transphobia/classism/homophobia/ableism/other issues I may have temporarily forgotten due to brain melt.

- If you're up to it: Judith Butler! Anything Judith is awesome in my book.

- Feminist Hulk is largely asexual, something about this would be nice. Perhaps Hulk falls in love with someone and thinks he has to explain, but then he doesn't.

- J isn't included in the prompts, because I couldn't think of any J-specific prompts, but J is welcome in all forms and shapes.

Fifth Element
Character: Leeloo

What does Leeloo do after the movie ends? How does she fill her days, explore the world, learn to do laundry? Worldbuilding would be nice too!

- Leeloo adapting to the world, finding her childlike enthusiasm again, looking at all the things the world has, finding things worth saving

- Worldbuilding. If you want to explore the futuristic world of Fifth Element that would be really cool! You can use Leeloo (who is really quite convenient for this) or any of the other characters in the movie, or even an OC. Maybe something about the crazy regeneration thingy they use to regenerate Leeloo from that single cell, or something about space travel perhaps.

- Sex would be nice too! Leeloo/Korben, but also any/all kinds of threesomes/moresomes and femslash in an open relationship! 

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Characters: Phryne Fisher, Elizabeth MacMillan

Lesbians! Friendship! Everyone being awesome in general!

I'll be honest with you, I haven't, as of writing this letter, finished watching the first season of the series... I will have watched it by Christmas though! With this in mind, my prompts will not be as detailed for this option as for the others. Don't read anything into it though, I'd love fic about Miss Fisher just as much as I'd love fic about any of the other options!

- Lesbians! I would love something with Phryne and Mac and them being in love.

- Phryne and any/everyone else and also sex!

- Adventures! Awesomeness! Jane! Dot! General exclamation marks!

- I could totally read a fic that focuses only on Phryne's clothes ( I wants them!!!)

- Crossdressing! Mac dressing as a man. What with betting of hats, Jack in drag would be nice too.

"Well, in this case the law is an ass."

PS. There may be small changes to the letter, but it's more or less finished now :)


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