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Things I have done today:

1. Slept.
2. Slept some more
3. All the laundry! Believe me, it was a lot of laundry. Most of it sheets, for some reason.

Also, We Love the Women That Fandom Hates! Go forth and claim! Basically you choose a character (and that could be basically any female character, since there's always someone hating on them...) and then you post about her for a week, from friday to friday. But, not only that, you can pick whichever language you want! I would really like some more Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and Swedish-speaking Finns so we can share the spoils. Because I'm gonna write in Swedish. Probably with a translation, but still!


Lookie! Isn't it pretty? Made by [ profile] mlekopijca
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In a way I want to post about everything that's happened these last days (apart from being drunk that is), but everything is overshadowed by what happened in Norway.

What happened on Friday was the largest terrorist attack we've had in Scandinavia ever. It's difficult to talk about. It's difficult to think about. Norway and Sweden are close, have always been close, and I think the way we feel, it might as well have happened here. I can't even read the newspapers or watch the news for long before I start crying. I think I know how people in USA felt after nine eleven, which has up until now been a very abstract thing for me. Not anymore.

As I said, I don't even really have anything to say, and I have to stop writing this now before I start crying at work...


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