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So, yesterday I was writing a post, and then DW ate it... Anyway.

Work. I like work. It makes me tired, and it's annoying at times, but it makes me feel useful. Like I'm part of something, like I'm important, and that is good. It's really good. It stops most of the suicide thoughts, because I have a purpose now, in a way studying will never give me, I think. I'm not saying academia is not important, but it makes me feel irrelevant. No one cares if I come to lectures or not. So I think working at the same time as I study is the only way for me to get through this. Not because of the money but because of the 'doing something proper'.

Also, I like my collegues, which of course helps a lot, too.
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Working in a clinical lab you get to have some pretty bizarre conversations. Such as the one today, about which sample would be worst to soill on yourself. I claimed that HIV infected blood would be the worst, while one of the secretaries thought urine would be the worst because she thought it was gross. On reflection though, I'd probably say that a stool sample would be the worst, at least if it had a horrible parasite in it...


In completely different news, my tolerance for reading about white men shagging has lessened, or maybe my interest in it. Or both. This is a Good Thing, and I will celebrate it by eating ice cream.
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My feet don't hurt today, which is good, but I'm so tired I want to cry. Never have I looked forward to a week-end more. Tomorrow I'm gonna sleep. Well, until half past eight or something, any longer and I'll fuck up my rhythm.

Also, apparently LJ now shows location in addition to IP logging, if you've got that turned on. I've got it turned on for anon comments, which I never get anyway, but yeah. If you need me I'll be over at DW.


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