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Dear Tag Exchange author!

First of all, thank you for writing for me! I'm very excited to see what you come up with :) Secondly, this letter might be majorly unhelpful. I hope it's not, but I'm never sure about these things. In case you need clarification I have anon commenting on, or you can probably call on the mod to ask me.

General info:
Happy endings, or at least a possibility of one
Negotiations, both when it comes to sex but also all kinds of relationships
People being mature and talking about their feelings (I know not all characters do this in canon, and if that's the case, well, go with the canon ;)
Anything not on the dislike list

Non/dubcon (consensual rapeplay is ok if the mood should strike you, but nothing that doesn't have explicit consent)
Cheating (love poly/open relationships, hate cheating)
Character bashing
Character death
Too much suicidal ideation, self harm or anxiety (too much is obviously a judgement call, so, er, do you best)
A/B/O or BDSM-universes (see non/dubcon, I get why people like it, it's just not for me)

I have picked any for all the character tags, and I really mean this. I would also be happy with characters that weren't nominated but are canonical. If we match on the worldbuilding tag or fake historical documents an OC would be fine too.

Fandom specific thoughts/prompts:

In case you have something awesome you want to write for the tag/tags then please, go ahead! These are very much just suggestions in case you want ideas.


Consensual Kink - Well, any sex involving Sherlock would have this, I think
Crossdressing - Not picky about which character, really, or for what reasons.
Femslash - Joan/Ms Hudson, Joan/Moriarty (if you can swing it) all three, other characters paired with Joan, anything is fine
Handcuffs - Again, Sherlock :p Doesn't at all have to be in a sexual context, perhaps he's teaching Joan to get out of them quickly, or something else.
LGBTQ Themes - Ms Hudson, any backstory there would be lovely.
Polyamory - Basically any characters in any constellation
Slash - Again, any, except for pairings with Gregson. Sherlock/Afredo, Sherlock/Bell, Bell/Alfredo, other.

Pacific Rim

Asexual Relationship - Between any of the characters, really. I like the thought of Mako/Raleigh without sex, for any reason. Maybe they both, or one of them, have sex with other people, maybe they have more people in their relationship, maybe it's not a thing. Would prefer it not to be about issues, other people can ask and be curious, but I'd rather it wasn't a problem for the involved parties.
Consensual Kink - I have nothing special to add here, except that if you do it with Mako/Raleigh I'd prefer non-sexual kink (I don't know why, it just feels right).
Female Friendship - Hard to do with the characters nominated, but any other characters are fine for this :)
Femslash - See above!
Fix-It - Well, it would be nice if not so many people dies. I'm especially fond of the Russians.
Genderbending - I like people not defining themselves and maybe changing the way they present themselves from day to day. 
LGBTQ Themes - Any character, any theme.
Polyamory  - Any, as long as there's no incest or Mako/Stacker (which is close enough for me).
Worldbuilding - What happened before the movie? What's the rest of the world like during the Kaiju wars? What happens after the movie, how will the world rebuild itself? So many questions!

Harry Potter

I would prefer gen or femslash here.

Alternate Universe - Space - Anything from your own awesome space-feelings to fusions are fine.
Alternate Universe - Steampunk - Something that combines steampunk and magic in a way the HP-universe doesn't really do with the contemporary universe would be cool.
Fake Historical Documents - Basically from any historical period, anything that catches your fancy.
Femslash - Any/any.
Hijinks & Shenanigans - It would be fun with stuff the trio do after they've finished school, being young and silly after they've won the war, that sort of thing.
LGBTQ Themes - Something about LGBTQ-issues in the wizarding world, or perhaps exploring how magic is used to help (or not to help, if you want to go a darker route) trans*people.
Worldbuilding - Anything that explores the parts of the wizarding world we don't get to see.

Hope this is somewhat helpful. Happy writing!
Aron Kristina


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