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The thing that really struck me about this episode was the acting. Especially Freeman's acting, which was perfect in every movement.

The other thing was the plot holes.

The third thing is the lingering feeling of style over substance, but I'll have to re-watch to decide that.
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Guys! Yuletide, guys!

That is, I haven't posted about my awesome gift that I got: Or Maybe Twice by [ profile] newredshoes. It a Yellow Submarine fic and it's fantastic!!!

I also wrote some fic, three, in fact. They're strangely all about music, but some more than others:

(How Does It Feel To Be) One of the Beautiful People
is also a Yellow Submarine fic. There was only two, and I wrote one and the other was written for me :p

90999 is based on 'Texts from last night'.

Canzonetta is written around Tjajkovskij's violin concerto. I think I'm gonna write something about writing this piece, or possibly about writing music, at some point, but not right now, I think.


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Firstly: I'm not a purist. I haven't read all of the stories. I probably couldn't hold my own in a discussion with old school fans. In fact, I'm all for the recreation and reinterpretation of canon. I call myself a post-modernist (general post-stuff person). So I'm the person this episode was aimed at, aren't I?

Wrong! )

I hope that Stephen Moffat is ashamed of himself!

(if anyone was spoiled by my cut-fail, sorry!)
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Some quick thoughts, hopefully I'll have time to write some meta-ish stuff tomorrow.

Spoilers, wahay! )
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When it comes to fic I'm rather easily pleased. Just write what you like (with a few exceptions) and I'll be very happy!

However, if you want some ideas and thoughts I do have some for you.

Fic ideas )

Things I don't like: character bashing, non/dub-con, cheating.

I think that's it, really. Go for it, dear mystery writer, and I'm sure you'll create something wonderful!
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Um, hi people... *sheepish wave* I'm not dead. Just thought I'd pop by and tell you. Also, I'm moving to Göteborg (yay!!!!). Also, I'm writing my Yuletide, even if it goes slowly. Anything else? No, I don't think so. I'll probably be more active when I've finished moving and found somewhere (semi)permanent to stay (might take a while). Bye.
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I didn't start watching this season until just recently, because I haven't really felt likt it. However, after watching all the eps of season 7 in 2 datys I feel like I should say something.

SPN s7e9 )
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Oh, wow!

I'm reading Snuff, right now in an epub version, but I'm off to see if the large bookstore in town has gotten the hardback in yet.

I've just gotten to the point where spoiler ) and that seems a good point to stop, because the suspense will ensure a quick walk.

So far it's really good, and it's nice to to see that Sir Terry hasn't lost his touch. I'll probably be writing some kind of review/squee-post of it later, because there is much to squee about, oh yes indeed.
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I've had some writers block recently, but it seems to have lifted somewhat, because I wrote some porn today!

Waxing Gibbous, Explicit, Discworld, Angua/Sally. PWP.

Also, something I wrote for and exchange a while back but never put up:
Sometimes Waking Up Is Like, Teen and up, Harry Potter, Luna/Cho. Post-was love story.


Otherwise I'm mostly hanging about, being unemployed. Rather boring, to tell the truth. Should get on my work applications tomorrow...
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This day, you guys. Or maybe this life. Anyway, I managed to miss the train I was supposed to go on, so now I'll be, not late exactly, but I won't have the time I imagined. Also, going to a wedding tomorrow, and everything in me screams "Stay at home! Hide in your bed!"

So much anxiety lately, it's starting to feel silly. Except more tragic.
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In my quest to get people to write more yummy porn for me to read I hereby present the first part of my guide to writing femslash. This part focuses on the actual acts of sex between women and not the writing of it. That comes in part two.

So without further ado I present:

How To Write Femslash
Part 1
Lesbian Sex 101
This way to education )
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You know how it's this thing all over in pop culture and fandom and stuff that bendy people are hot, or that it's implied that the sex will be hotter and better with people who are flexible? Is this true? I mean, has anyone actually done a study to see if this is the case? I'm wondering since I'm rather unflexible, but my sex life doesn't seem to have suffered from this. So, does anyone know?


Unrelated: I finished listening to "I shall wear midnight" yesterday (a Discworld novel, Tiffany Aching-centric), and now I've got the plot bunny to end all plotbunnies. Must write! But first, must apply for jobs.

Plot, which is spoilery, behind cut )

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I feel so, so much like shit. Like, you wouldn't believe how much. Or maybe you would. If you want to imagine it it helps if you've had depression and basically slept for three weeks, not done anything that should be done and worried people unnecessarily. My parents actually threatened to call the police if I didn't give them a sign of life. Not my finest hour, I tell you.

Also, one of my best friends has been dumped by her girlfriend of four years, more or less without reason. Apparently she wanted to "find herself" and couldn't do that in a relationship, despite my friend suggesting they live apart, have an open relationship and stuff like that. Strangely this makes me feel, not better, exactly, because I feel horrible about it, and listening to someone crying on the phone when you can't be there to comfort them is never fun, but it gives me something else to focus on, which is good. I just wish it hadn't been this.


Completely unrelated: where do I find a beta for a rather disturbing fic about torture and necrophilia (though not graphic necrophilia)?

Intro post

Sep. 10th, 2011 02:02 am
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Week of woman love! I'm writing about Irene Adler and River Song, and it'll be in Swedish. Just putting this here so everyone will know what's going on. If you want translations give us a shout. Or run it through google translate :p

Irene Adler )

River Song )
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I went to the store really late this evening to get chocolate, ice cream, tampons and panty liners. Heh, I guess no one in the store was left guessing what I was going to do this week end...

Seeing as the definition of female is that you produce ova I feel justified in giving you this song:

(I'm a med student, poking fun at natural functions is what we do)


Also, who would win in a fight between Granny Weatherway, Jeeves, Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor? Granny with headology, Jeeves with the psychology of the individual and whatever else he uses, Sherlock Holmes with deduction and the Doctor with being completely insane and having a TARDIS. My money's on Granny.

Thoughts on women to come, once they have been thought of.

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Things I have done today:

1. Slept.
2. Slept some more
3. All the laundry! Believe me, it was a lot of laundry. Most of it sheets, for some reason.

Also, We Love the Women That Fandom Hates! Go forth and claim! Basically you choose a character (and that could be basically any female character, since there's always someone hating on them...) and then you post about her for a week, from friday to friday. But, not only that, you can pick whichever language you want! I would really like some more Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and Swedish-speaking Finns so we can share the spoils. Because I'm gonna write in Swedish. Probably with a translation, but still!


Lookie! Isn't it pretty? Made by [ profile] mlekopijca
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The World Championships have now passed without a single medal to Sweden :( In a way it's sad that Carolina Klüft no longer competes in Heptathlon, but then, I can understand that when you've won everything and no one can challenge you you feel like moving on to other things. She still placed best of the Swedes, fifth in High Jump. So, well, she's still best of the Swedes :p

Fun that Christian Olsson is back, even though he only did four jumps.

And, of course, Usain Bolt. Warching him run is fucking beautiful. If you didn't watch the 200 meter final then do! And watch the 4x100 meter men's final as well, Jamaica were just superb. And new world records are always fun.

I like Usain Bolt, he's a real superstar, and I think athletics need that. We need the divas, but we also need the people who show and dance and seem to think everything is so funny.

Also, somewhat unrelated, but female hammer throwers are rather hot.
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Having watched a lot (that is, at all) of tv lately has got me thinking of WWII. First, yesterday there was on the regional news about a movie premiere of a documentary of the kids that came to Malmö with the white buses. Some of the survivors were there, and even though a lot of them had moved away from Sweden they all seemed to have very fond memories. I mean, some of them travelled half way round the world to attend the premiere.

Secondly, today I watched a documentary about the occupation of Denmark. Very fascinating, interviews with people who were there mixed with old clips of the occupation, and so on.

Both of these things got me thinking about Swedens role in all this. As is perhaps known, Sweden was "neutral" during the war. Which means that we didn't pick sides, exactly, but we allowed the Germans to transport troops and weapons through Sweden and didn't try to help Norway and Denmark during the occupation. Well, some people did, obviously, but officially we were neutral. Ish. There was some breaking of the Haag convention. We also transported loads of iron to Germany.

The thing is, basically every other west European country has had to deal with the aftermath of WWII (and the easter European countries too, I'm sure, as well as other, but I don't know as much about them), but here in Sweden we just buried it. So, for instance, when it recently came to light that Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA) used to belong to a nazi subgroup during the war. Now, if this had happened in, lets say Germany, it would have been brought to light way earlier, and it would have been dealt with. He would have had to own up to it and things would have been brought out in the light, and that would have been that. Now instead he insists that it was because he was young, but he's still said some highly questionable things which makes him seem a bit, well, murky. I mean, fair enough, he was young, 17, but I've been seventeen too, and I didn't turn into a nazi. Neither did most of the Swedish population who were teenagers during that time. The fact is, one gets the feeling that most people were against Germany, if only for the fact that they occupied countries.

We also haven't dealt with the fact that when our own people, Norway and Denmark became occupied we did nothing. We haven't dealt with the fact that yes, while a lot of people weren't nazis, some of them were. Some of them still are. We have loads of neo-nazis in Sweden, and I can't help but think that this has something to do with it.

Now, I'm not saying I don't understand the Swedish government during that time, because we were sandwiched between Soviet and Germany (or rather, their occupied territory), and declaring war would probably means loads of dead people. We were also almost attached a couple of times. Being neutral is perhaps less important than being alive. On the other hand, maybe taking a stand for something you believe in, like the fact that people shouldn't be slaughtered in death camps, is important too.

Sometimes, when things like this come up I think were a nation in need of psychotherapy.


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